Animals Depend on Plants

If we look around what do we see?
Everything around us can be divided into two categories living and non living

Non living things are soil, air, water, sunlight, etc.

The Living things mean different types of plants and animals.
All living things depend on nonliving things.
Plants get minerals and water from the soil. They get carbon dioxide from air which they need to prepare food with the help of sunlight.
The ground is the place where we built our house.
So we can see that, all living things depend on the nonliving parts of the environment.

Do the living things depend on each other?
This means do the plants need animals or do animals need plants for anything?
The answer to this question is YES.

Plants and animals also depend on each other for their survival.

How do they depend on each other, this we are going to learn here?
Plants make food for themselves and for us also.

Plants get energy from the Sun, and make food.
Plants give OXYGEN. Without plants there will be no life on Earth.
Animals depend on plant for food and oxygen and breathe out Carbon- dioxide.
Animals get their food from plants.

What do cows, goats, sheep eat? What is the food of a rhinoceros and an elephant?

What does a vegetarian eat? All of the food comes from plants.
Herbivorous animals like goats, cow, sheep, deer, elephants, rhinoceroses etc all depend directly on plants for their food.
Even the carnivorous animals like tigers, lion, foxes etc depend on plants for their food.
The animals they kill and eat as food directly or indirectly depends on plant.

Deer is an herbivorous animal.
It eats grass. It gets its energy from grass.
It is then killed and eaten by tiger. The tiger gets its energy by eating the deer, which got its energy from grass.

Therefore we can say that the lion got its energy from grass.
This process of eating and being eaten is continuous to take place one after another.
It means all animals are dependent on plant for their food.
All animals need oxygen to breathe.

Do you know from where we get this oxygen?
It comes from plants. All green plants can produce oxygen through a process called photosynthesis.
Therefore all animals and all humans depend on plants for their survival. If there would be no oxygen we all will not be able to breathe.
Several animals like bees, monkey, squirrels, birds, insects, etc use plants as their shelters.
Birds make their nest on trees.

Small animals like rabbits, snakes and rodents made their burrows under trees.
Human beings also use wood, grass, bamboo etc make their shelter.
Therefore plants also provide shelter to animals.

Similarities between plants and animals

Plants and animals are so different from each other. But there are some similarities between them also.

The various similarities between plants and animals are

Water - Both animals and plants need water. Plants need much more water than animals because they lose most of the water they absorb.
Oxygen – All animals and plants need oxygen to breathe. Plants can produce oxygen. This oxygen is used by both plants and animals to breathe.
Reproduction Plants and animals increase in number by the process of reproduction.
Growth – All animals and plants grow in size and shape.
Plants start their life as seeds and the seeds then grow into small plants and then big trees.

Similarly animals start their life as small babies and then grow into big animals.

This process of growth is the same in both plants and animals.